Today marks one year since Joseph passed.  Unlike other anniversaries, this one brings only sadness that the world has continued to turn despite experiencing such great loss.

In the wake of Joseph's death, I have met with doctors and researchers at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (C.H.O.P.) who have embarked on a promising endeavor called the Children's Brain Tissue Consortium Project.  In sum, C.H.O.P. is partnering with other institutions to bank the cells that comprise biopsied brain tumors in a national data base.  This registry is the groundwork for later identifying effective treatments for brain tumors as well as predicting and eventually preventing them.  It is a project that, in its entirety, will take decades but it is long overdue and must take flight. Funding, as always, is an issue and I am proud to have requested that the near $30,000 donated to C.H.O.P. in Joseph's memory be given to this project.  In addition, the board members of my (501(c)(3)) charity, The Joseph Lentz Fund for Pediatric Brain Cancer Research, will meet this year to discuss providing additional funding.  This is a project that can save lives if given the chance and I hope to see it thrive.  Please consider making a donation to The Joseph Lentz Fund for Pediatric Brain Cancer Research so that we can find a cure for brain tumors.  

As our family is forced into another year without Joseph, our hearts remain heavy.
Something we have had small increments of success with has been our effort to recall Joseph’s life as a happy, wonderful event.  The truth is that most of his life was tremendously happy but its quick and tragic ending seemed to eclipse that.  As time moves beyond his death and we have little choice but to follow, we have made it our mission to remove the shadow that cancer tried to cast upon Joseph’s life.  We take every opportunity to breathe life into the good, funny and precious moments that we shared with Joe because they embody his purity and represent such a joyful time in our lives.

We try very hard everyday to transform our grief from a place of sadness, despair and anger to a place of appreciation that we were so privileged to have such a special boy in our lives for 2 ½ years.  It is the most challenging parenting experience imaginable yet we are determine to accomplish our goals.  Little by little; all in good time.  
I post today to remind people that although Joseph has died he is forever a part of all of our lives. Allow yourself to speak of him, to think of him and to take this opportunity to commemorate his significance.  Joseph was such a good, sweet, smart little boy who deserves to be remembered always.  Please help us to do so.

With thanks, 

Jen Lentz
Joseph's Mommy