The team, "Joseph's Station" has been formed for the Four Seasons Parkway Run/Walk in Philadelphia on September 25, 2011. I formed the team to honor the life of my son, Joseph, who died at age 2 1/2 of a brain tumor in July 2009, just four short months after his diagnosis.  The money raised from this race goes directly to the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia's Cancer Center which houses a survivorship program that, after his diagnosis, we hoped and dreamed Joseph would eventually be a part of. One of the many things I have learned as Joseph's mommy is that children get cancer and there is so little funding allocated to help those diagnosed.  There is even less funding available to help find a cure and even less to help the families struggling alongside their children.

In June 2009, when Joseph was very sick, I took him to the Swarthmore Swim Club to watch the kids play in the pool.  At this time he was not well enough to walk let alone swim.  As I carried him around the pool area I couldn't help but think about the injustice of my son not being well enough to swim, frolic and play like the other kids.  Joseph, on the other hand, was not concerned with any notions of negativity or unfairness that were gripping me.  He was in the moment.  He squealed in delight when other kids splashed in the water and laughed when they dunked their heads. He never asked to get in the water or cried or complained because he couldn't.  He was living every moment to the fullest that day, as he did every day, never once letting cancer infringe upon his fun.  

I use the wisdom that Joseph continually exhibited at the tender age of 2 to guide me through my life.  I choose to run on September 25th not only because I can but also because Joseph could not.  I strive to live every moment of every day to the fullest because he taught me there is no good alternative. How I birthed such a smart and beautiful boy I will never know.  

If you are able to run (5K) or walk (2K) the distance, I hope that you will join our team on September 25th.  Bring your kids, your family and your friends. If you are unavailable that day or unable to participate, please tell a friend about our team and encourage them to tell their friends about our team so that they may run or walk with us as well.

Support for our team and The Cancer Center at C.H.O.P. can also be shown by a donation through the below link.  I set the fundraising goal at $846 dollars: one dollar to represent each day that that Joseph lived. Please help us meet and surpass that goal.  Together, we have the power to improve the lives of children living with cancer both now and in the future.  We have quite a distance to go to find a cure for diseases such as pediatric cancer and, specifically, pediatric brain tumors; however, with hard work, community support and hope, I know we can conquer this horrific disease.

To register, go to my personal page at the below link and click on "Join Jennifer's Team":
To support the team with a donation or read about Joseph's strength of character, go to the team page: _id=7700&pg=team&fr_id=1290&et=xq9Wv9YmeZWJ-HA4H2WAiQ&s_tafId=5483

You may also Google the "Philadelphia Four Seasons Parkway Run 2011" and enter the website to find our team "Joseph's Station" and other relevant information.

Thank you for your support and I hope to see you on race day!

Jen Lentz
Team Captain and Joseph's Mommy