Many thanks to everyone who helped make the Four Seasons Parkway Run event on September 25th for C.H.O.P. a huge success.  Whether you joined our team, ran, walked, gave or encouraged someone else to do so, you helped the cause.  A special “thank you” to one donor (who wishes to remain anonymous) for the “Thomas Train” colored balloons that were delivered to the tent that morning in honor of Joseph.  I felt happy knowing that maybe, just maybe, Joseph could see them waving in the air and, occasionally, making their way high into the sky.

That Sunday, we had almost 200 runners/walkers on our team.  We raised almost $10,000 for the Cancer Center at C.H.O.P., which was over ten times the amount of the goal of $846 that I had originally set.  Once again, Joseph’s power and strength proved me wrong…how does he continue to do that even in death?  I suppose some things never change. J

But, thankfully, some things do change: in the 1960s, a diagnosis of the most common form of childhood cancer, acute lymphoblastic leukemia (A.L.L.), meant almost certain death with less than a 10% chance that it would be cured.  However, a child facing that same diagnosis today has a better than an 80% chance of being cured.  That stride has been made because funding has provided that opportunity. Those who participated in any capacity on Sunday, did make a difference and will make a difference…I don’t know much but I do know that.

As I type this there are children who are living with cancer at C.H.O.P.  Some don’t know when they will go home due to diagnosis, treatment or a compromised immune system.  Some will never go home.  Others are in and out of the hospital and their families are constantly in a desperate search for a way to cure their child’s cancer.  I know this because, for a short while, we were one of those families.  I also know that ALL of those children need ALL of us.  They need all of us to aggressively fight for a cure on the sidelines while they battle cancer from the frontlines with all of their might.   Thank you to our team "Joseph's Station" for giving them the support and hope they so greatly need. 

I cannot thank those who supported this event enough for giving a part of themselves on the 25th to fight pediatric cancer.  I know that many people missed other activities that day including soccer games, Irish weekend and much need extra sleep.  Endless thanks for making the sacrifice and supporting the Parkway Run to remember my son, to help other children battle cancer, to support my family in the wake of losing Joseph and to further a search for a cure.

Hope to see you at the “Station” next year!

Jen Lentz, Team Captain and Joseph's Momma