I am proud to report that the team "Joseph's Station" set to run/walk in the Four Seasons Parkway race on September 25 has exceeded its fundraising goal!  HOORAY!

I set the team goal at $846 dollars, one dollar to represent each day that Joseph lived.  And, boy, did he live!!   ...cookies (good old fashioned, Chips Ahoy!) for breakfast, lunch and dinner, TV shows at any time of the day, early morning walks in search of Peter Rabbit, driving the car around town on daddy's lap, endless entertainment by his baby brother, Thomas, and plenty visits from friends and family who he loved so much and who loved him.  That's how it goes when you are living each day as your last.  In June 2009, we had 32 days during with him at home on hospice care during which time we made sure we lived, lived and lived some more.  Not a moment was wasted; we couldn't afford that.  Every day was about making memories and holding on to the moment and each other as tightly as possible.

So, I thank everyone who has donated to help us reach the set goal dictated by my powerful little boy.  I also thank everyone who has joined the team so far and intends to come out and run (5K), walk (2K) and support us on the 25th. This is the first event my family has participated in to raise money in Joseph's memory so we appreciate all of the support we have received in this worthy but emotionally challenging endeavor.

The team "Joseph's Station" is still forming.  We need 125 people to join it by September 17th in order to get a "dream tent" equipped with donuts on the Parkway on race day.  Extra initiative - not that we need it! 

Please join our team by clicking on:


 Thank you! Jen Lentz, Team Captain and Joseph's Mommy