Joseph Thomas Lentz was born healthy on 3/13/07.  He was intelligent beyond his years and spent his days developing a affinity for trains, music and Dora.  He loved to laugh, to tell jokes and memorize, and then recite, his favorite books.  His verbal skills were quite advanced and in this video (right), which was taken when he was slightly over 17 months old, is a small demonstration of his tremendous vocabulary for his age.  He enjoyed taking walks with his mommy, looking for Peter Rabbit with his daddy, going on day trips with his little brother, Thomas, and endlessly watching for trains at the Swarthmore Train Station.

On March 3, 2009, we were shocked and devastated to learn that Joseph had an inoperable brain stem glioma (tumor).  He spent 18 days of March 2009 in Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. During that hospital stay, he turned 2 on March 13 and, the day before, on March 12, his baby brother, Thomas, was born.  

Despite treatment, Joseph died at home on July 7, 2009.  There are no words that would suitably describe the enormous amount of strength and wisdom that Joseph exhibited even at the tender age of 2.  It was a privilege to have known Joseph and to have had the opportunity to parent him was the ultimate honor.

Joseph is survived by his 12 cousins, 5 aunts, 4 uncles, Great-Grandmom, Gee-Gee, Mi-mom and Pop Pop and Grammy and Bop.   He is also survived by his Momma,  Jennifer, his DaDa, Bryan, his brother, Thomas, and his beloved Pug dog, Tigger.

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